Teachers are given the responsibility to run the affairs of the school in smooth and effective manner. Starting from examination to annual day and maintainences all are the responsibility of the teachers.

Examination Co-ordinator CBSE & DAV
Mr. Sribatsa Mishra
Mr. S.K.Sahoo
Mr. S.Das

General School Examination (CI.MoCI.XII)
Mrs. M.Guha (in charge)
I to V : Mrs. D.Panda, Mr. R.C.Hota
VI to X: Mr. A.K.Tripathy
XI -XII: Mrs. M.Guha

Academic Incharges :

Class Syllabus, Academic Supervision
I to V: Mrs. U.R.Nayak
VI to X: Mr. D.P.Hota
XI-XII .Mr. Rajesh Dash

Time Table
Mr. N.Mallick (Arrangement)

ECA Co-ordinator (Main building)
Mr. A.K.Mishra
Mrs. G. Panda
Mrs. S.Pattanaik

Function & Cultural Co-ordinator :
Mr. N.C.Dash (Music)
Mr. P.M.Satapathy (Art)
Mrs. U.R.Nayak (Eng.)
Mr. A.K.Mishra (Hindi)
Mr. S.K. Sahoo
Mrs. U.R.Mishra
Mrs. J. Acharya
Mrs. S.Sahoo
Mrs. P.Tripathy
Mrs. U.Swain

Mrs. U.R.Mishra
Miss R. Choudhury
Mrs. J.Acharya
Mrs. A.R. Panda
Mr. S.Tripathy
Mr. Sushant Kumar Sahoo

Mr. N.C. Dash
Mr. P.K.Das
Mrs.Rajashree Sahani
House Teachers

Mr. S.Mishra
Mr. U.C.Patra
Mrs. S.Sahoo
Mr. D.P.Hota
Mr. A.K.Mishra
Mr. Santanu Ku. Tripathy
Mr. S.K.Pati
Mr. P.M.Satapathy
Mr. S.K. Sahoo
Mr. Sushant Ku. Sahoo

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