Staff Secretary (Farewell, Picnic, Get together, staff meeting etc.)
Mr. Rajesh Dash
Mrs. Asharani Panda

School Decoration and Garden
Mr. P.M.Satapathy
Mrs. T.Rout
Mrs. P.Tripathy
Mr. P.K.Das
Mrs. Rajashree Sahani
Mrs. J.Rout

Map& Chart (S.St Lab)
Mrs. S.Chaini
Mrs.A.R. Panda
Mrs. T. Rout
Mrs. G. Panda

Teaching Aids (KG Wing)
Miss R. Badhai

Sanitation and Cleanliness Main Building
Mr. P.M.Satapathy (In charge)
Mr. N.C.Dash , Mrs. Rajeswaree Sahani
Mrs. A.R.Panda

New Building
Mr. P.K.Das
Mr. U.C. Patra (Incharge)
Mrs. S.Chaini

Musical Instrument : Mr. N.C.Dash

Science Club : All Science Teachers (Mrs. M.Dash , In charge)

Mathematics Club : All Maths Teachers (Mr. L.D.Sahu, In charge)

Literature Club : All Literature Teachers ( Mr. R.Dash, In charge)

S.Std. Club : All S.St. Teachers (Mrs. G.Panda, In charge)

Tea Club : Mrs. A.R. Panda

Teachers Common Room : Mrs. S. Sahoo

Information Board
Mr. P.M.Satapathy
Mr. P.K.Das

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